UP SOUTH is one of the newest additions to the Twin Cities' country music scene.

With roots traced directly back to Nashville, UP SOUTH delivers country music's greatest hits in an authentic fashion that has gained the band increasing attention. Having two accomplished singer/songwriters, UP SOUTH also writes and performs original music that is receiving many positive reviews. Their debut single, "Far Too Long", has received airplay on multiple radio stations as the band is already poised for future releases. UP SOUTH takes pride in showcasing their vocals and harmonies, long considered a cornerstone of many successful groups.

With their energetic live show, UP SOUTH is quickly gaining a reputation as a new and original country act that is fun and entertaining. Visit this site often for all the latest news and events!



Mike Villalva - Vocals/Guitar     
Jason Biechler - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Josh Braun - Pedal Steel/Fiddle
Kevin Barnes - Bass/Vocals
Danny Martdi- Drums

Dexter Pleinis - Lead Guitar/Vocals